All members are encouraged to help out and join a committee(s) as part of the work day program for the betterment of the club. Not only are you helping the club, but work day credits also reduce yearly membership dues. See below for membership dues pricing. PLEASE NOTE: All workdays must be validated by a board member, officer of the club or committee chairperson. 
Club House RentalsJon Aagesen

Nick Oerkfitz


Jake Iversen

TrapShawn Carmody
PheasantShawn Carmody
Cook/KitchenSteve Creviston

The club goes back to 1946 when several local men decided to get together and form a sportsman's club, they included Joseph Perenchio, Robert Brown, Bert Hawley, and Richard Krohn. Their purpose was to have an area that they could enjoy all types of sportsman activities and preserve it for future generations. Some of the first fund raisers including the Smelt fry which was held at the old Harvard Racetrack starting in 1947. This tradition continues today with our annual Smelt Fry held in April. From there incorporation of the club occurred in May 14 1958. The Club house was originally built in the late 1960’s on land donated by Joseph Perenchio. Later the Lake was acquired in the early 1990’s by the club from Joseph Perenchio. The lake was an old gravel pit that ran until the 1990’s. The club house has had 4 different editions added to it with the last in the early 1990’s. The metal roof was done in 2007. The pheasant pen was remodeled in 2006.

History of the club

 Todd Iversen; Honorary Adviser


Advisory Board

 Nick Oerkfitz 

 Vice President

 Trevor Kurth



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Adam Borgeson, Treasurer


 Andy Ackland

 Dave Binz

 Jon  Aagesen

 Brian Schultz 

 Dean Gorter 

 Keith Seeger

 Shawn Carmody

 Chuck Svoboda

 Gary Gardner

 Jim Van Daele

 Randy Kosch

 Bill Schack



Membership Dues

New members need to be sponsored by a current member.

First year new member dues: $210 (Includes new senior members 65+)

Renewal Fee Schedule

Number of WorkdaysNon-Senior
Senior (65+)
None or Expired$160
Four or more