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Lake committee
Nick Oerkfitz
Ken Splinter
Chuck Svoboda

JOE-MIN Lake Rules

Effective June 2013


The lake key is for your personal use only! It is not to be loaned or shared with anyone else. It is numbered and a Lake Committee Official will ask you to see it along with your I.D.

1.     Guests-Guests are limited to your immediate family only, (Spouse and members children and grandchildren under the age of 21.). Family members may NOT enter JOE-MIN unless you are present. People prohibited include brothers, brother-in-law’s, cousin’s, Uncles, friends, neighbors or any other male over 21. Failure to comply may result in membership suspension.

2.     Personal Boats- May be kept at the lake ONLY if they are clearly identified with your name and phone number. Unidentified boats will be considered abandoned and property of the club to do with as they see fit. You assume all risks of leaving your boat unattended. Do not leave trailers at the lake or boats on trailers, they will be hauled away.  

3.     State regulations must be followed. No gas motors are allowed on JOE-MIN. No boat storage north of the north boat launch. 

4.     Camping allowed for no more than 3 consecutive nights, 3 x/yr. (Tents, RVs, Etc.)  Guests are limited to your immediate family only, (kids, wife, parents, grandchildren, etc.) Do not block lake access with your rig.

5.     Absolutely NO ATV’s, Snowmobiles, Go-Carts, etc. unless utilized on a work day!!!!!!

6.     I.D.-Please wear your current pin or possess your paid up membership card and be prepared to show it when requested. TRESSPASSING WILL BE ENFORCED AND PROSECUTED TO ENSURE ONLY PAID UP MEMBERS!

7.     License-You must comply with all Illinois Dept. of Conservation regulations including license and Inland Trout stamp requirements. This is a state law and you are subject to arrest for failure to comply.

8.     Swimming-Swimming is not allowed at any time, for any reason!  The only thing in the water should be a boat, no inner tubes, etc.

9.     Burning-Is allowed in furnished fire rings only! CLEAN FIREWOOD ONLY! No nails, etc. Burn what you bring and take home what you do not burn.

10.  Gate-Each time you enter or leave, lock the gate behind you. Your key will not come out of the lock until it is relocked.

11.  No jug or troutline fishing is allowed!

12.  Limits-You must adhere to Club limits in effect at any given time. Excessive taking of fish will be detrimental to the lake and will require you to appear before the membership to determine if your membership will be forfeited. 

13.  Remove ice houses before dangerous ice or WE WILL BURN THEM!! No holes in ice larger than 8” due to safety concerns.  Feel free to ask your fishing neighbor to see his membership card. Don’t be insulted if someone asks to see your card. This is your club; keep others out of our lake!  Have your membership card with you!


NO DUMPING Members who bring personal garbage and/or yard waste to the lake are subject to all membership privileges being revoked. THERE IS A ZERO TOLERANCE FOR THIS BEHAVIOR


The club would appreciate if everyone practiced "Catch & Release"


Club Key (JOE-MIN Lake & Archery platform)

The club key is available to members in good standing and can be picked up at the June and July meetings. After that, a key can be picked up during business hours at: Harvard Veterinary Clinic 712 W. Brink St. (RT 173) (1 mile west of RT 14) 815-943-5459 You will need to show your membership card and PLEASE be courteous to the staff.  Club Key fees:

New member            $25

Member, no key        $20

Returned key            $15